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YES 20th Anniversary

Throughout 2023, the YES program community is celebrating its 20th anniversary. 

A Group Of Young People Pose With A Flag And Large 2 And 0 For 20Th Anniversary

A Year to Remember

The YES community is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the program in 2023 by organizing parties and inviting special guests; gathering for special dinners; attending workshops; and reconnecting with fellow alumni. 

YES and YES Abroad alumni from around the world joined at the beginning of the year for a virtual event entitled, “YES Program: A 20th Anniversary Celebration Webinar.” We were elated by the level of engagement and appreciated all of the story sharing from not only the panelists during the event, but from the whole YES community. We invite you to celebrate 20 years of YES throughout 2023 in the following ways:

Read stories by alumni and students on the YES website and YES Abroad website.

You can also view the recording of the event below:

YES 20th Anniversary Alumni Spotlight

YES is also spotlighting alumni from each year of the program on social media, with the goal of creating opportunities for alumni to reflect on their time on the YES program, how it impacted their career and personal lives, and to consider the importance of international exchange and diplomacy more broadly. You can read the spotlights, as well as more about 20th anniversary events, on the YES program website.